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About AZW3

AZW was originally the MOBI format using the high compression option. Mobi also could have multiple sized images and the reader picked the correct image but AZW files are scaled by the reading software. Today the AZW term can also be used as a generic term for Amazon Kindle eBooks without regard to their internal format. On the Amazon site this is called the Kindle Edition. The AZW extension is used on both eBook files that are protected with DRM and those that are not.

eReaders for Azw3

Azw3 file format ereaders can be just as capable as their Mobi or ePub counterparts. Amazon Kindles support the Azw3 file format, allowing you to access and read your favorite ebooks. Not only do these devices offer the same convenience as the Mobi or ePub format, they also come with a range of features to make reading even more enjoyable.

Adjustable font sizes and styles

Kindle provides high-resolution displays with adjustable font sizes and styles to customize your reading experience. Additionally, both devices come with a range of other features such as dictionary lookup, social media sharing, and note-taking capabilities. Furthermore, both devices offer wireless connectivity, allowing you to access online stores and libraries to download books and magazines. And with a range of accessories available, you can customize your device even further.