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About FB2

FB2 or FictionBook is an XML based ebook format. FB2 is different than other eBook format as it uses only one XML file. The embedded images with eBook are also increased. It contains both metadata and plain texts at beginning. It places image at the end of the file. eBOOK readers render before opening any FB2 file.

eReaders for FB2

FB2 file format ereaders are the perfect choice for readers who prefer a dedicated device for their reading. FBReader (software), Onyx and Pocketbook are all popular ereaders that support the FB2 file format, allowing you to easily access and read your favorite ebooks. Not only do they offer a convenient way to read, they also come with a range of features that make them even more appealing.

Onyx and Pocketbook

Onyx and Pocketbook offer high-resolution displays, allowing you to enjoy crisp text and vibrant images. Additionally, both devices come with adjustable font sizes and styles, allowing you to customize your reading experience. Furthermore, both devices offer wireless connectivity, allowing you to easily download books and magazines from online stores and libraries. And with a range of accessories available, you can make your device even more versatile.