Becoming a Hypnotic Influence Ninja Epub

TitleBecoming a Hypnotic Influence Ninja
AuthorMichael Stevenson

Becoming a Hypnotic Influence Ninja is a 2011 self-help book by Michael Stevenson that promises to teach readers techniques to influence and persuade others through hypnotic language patterns.

The book aims to demystify hypnosis and redefine it as simply moving someone from one state of mind to another. The author argues that we are always in a trance state and effective communicators intuitively know how to transition people into the mental state needed to get what they want, whether that’s making a sale, borrowing something, or seducing someone.

Stevenson claims these hypnotic influence techniques are powerful enough to have swayed the 2008 U.S. presidential election. Readers will supposedly be able to hypnotically influence anyone with ease after finishing the book.

The introduction sets the stage by contrasting the mystical stereotypes about hypnosis with the author’s pragmatic definition of trance as moving someone from one frame of mind to another. Stevenson argues hypnotic influence is not about mind control but rather moving people between different mental states.

Chapter 1 delves further into this idea by distinguishing between the conscious and unconscious/subconscious mind. The conscious mind thinks in words while the subconscious uses imagery, sounds, and feelings. Stevenson says tapping into emotions is key because people make decisions emotionally rather than logically.

The example used is Barack Obama’s use of hypnotic language to spur emotions and win votes, contrasted with the logical approach unsuccessful candidates took.

Overall, the book conveys the central ideas of hypnotic influence as being about:

  • Redefining hypnosis as transitioning between mental states
  • Leveraging the subconscious by using vivid sensory language
  • Appealing to emotions rather than logic
  • Modeling influential communicators who intuitively use these techniques

The author uses an accessible, conversational tone to introduce hypnotic influence concepts to lay readers. The writing is persuasive in arguing these techniques are powerful but ethical when used with good intentions.

While no actual hypnotic language patterns are revealed in the excerpt, there are promises to impart the tools to influence anyone with ease after reading the book. Testimonials further build up anticipation and credibility.

The book seems geared toward those interested in hypnosis, persuasion, mindset shifts, and interpersonal influence. The central message could appeal to business leaders, coaches, marketers, sales professionals, and others who regularly need to persuade or motivate others.

Stevenson appears to deliver on making the topic approachable and stripping away misconceptions about hypnosis being supernatural mind control. However, the promises of easily mastering influence may be overstated, as changing behavior is rarely quick or straightforward.

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