Transforming Demons: A Seeker’s Journey to Resolve His Ancient Karma

TitleTransforming Demons: The True Story of How a Seeker Resolves His Karma
AuthorAre Simeon Thoresen

Transforming Demons chronicles the spiritual journey of a seeker over 22 years as he works to resolve destructive karma from misusing his spiritual powers over 25,000 years ago in Atlantis. Through accessing past life memories, encountering demonic forces, and developing Christ-consciousness, the seeker transforms his karma and the demons he created.

The book explores the seeker’s travels to mystical places, his meetings with figures from his past, and his confrontations with demons in multiple realms of existence. It examines profound concepts like the multi-layered nature of karma, the mysteries of thinking, feeling and willing, and the importance of compassion. Ultimately it is a story of personal growth, of overcoming past misdeeds, and of transforming negative forces into positive ones.

Important events

  • In 1992, the seeker travels to Ireland and visits spiritual sites from the time of Atlantis, where he begins recovering memories from 25,000 years ago.
  • A shaman helps the seeker access his past life as an oracle who misused his powers, severed his followers’ hearts from their heads, and became tied to three fierce demons.
  • The seeker fights the three demons in the astral realm, freeing himself emotionally, but not yet fully in the elemental and physical realms.
  • In India, the seeker buys a ruby that ornamented the dagger he used to kill a past lover, allowing her soul to move toward forgiveness.
  • Revisiting the Irish spiritual sites, the seeker divides his soul forces to enter the spiritual world consciously and transform the demons in the elemental realm.
  • The seeker discovers his karma is also imprinted in his physical body through misusing spiritual energy from female audiences. His deceit exposed, he repairs relations.
  • By building selfless love and letting light into his “dark chamber,” the seeker frees himself from misusing others’ energy, resolving his ancient karma completely.

Key ideas of Transforming Demons

  • Karma has many layers (astral, elemental, physical) that all must be transformed, through developing qualities like compassion.
  • The seeker originally severed his followers’ head-knowledge from their heart-knowledge, for power. This caused karmic demons.
  • The Christ-force is the only antidote to misuse of spiritual knowledge and magic.
  • Thinking, feeling, and willing are cosmic spiritual forces, which can be misused or redeemed.
  • By owning one’s shadow and exposing/transforming it, collective progress is aided.
  • Traveling to mystical sites can access ancient memories and knowledge to resolve karma.


At its core, Transforming Demons is a story of taking personal responsibility to face one’s past misdeeds and work toward redemption. It highlights the importance of qualities like compassion, selflessness, and transparency on the spiritual path. The book emphasizes resolving karma not just internally, but also externally by repairing relationships damaged by one’s shadow. Transforming negative forces into positive ones is possible through connection to the Christ-force and the highest aspects of thinking, feeling, and willing.

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